Monday, November 30, 2009

Lynch & Louboutin

I ran across a few of these pics on my friend Porcha's blog here.

Turns out that shoe god Christian Louboutin and Visual Artist David Lynch teamed up for a special project focused on Fetish shoes created by none other than... Christian Louboutin. The photography is enigmatic and gives off an old Hollywood boudoir feel. Both gentleman are masterminds at what they do. Check out more pics here

Pics(Christian Louboutin Site)


  1. wow, these photos are crazy! love them :)

  2. Yes they are!!! I wish I owned a pair of those first ones... although I wouldn't wear them outside the house... :)

  3. saw images of this at the louboutin exhibition at F.I.T.'s museum when i was there last yr.

    the symbolism/history of the reasoning behind the louboutin shoes is extraordinary! i love the history and essence of what fashion really is - not that egotistic, superficial reason most people admire fashion for! x.

  4. exactly... Elvia. I'm drawn more to styles that have some real history behind them!!