Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Johnny and Kate

I honestly can never get tired of looking at these 2. Besides them being two of my fave people in the world.... they are hands down the best couple ever to exist on the face of this earth!!! Looking at old pics of them makes me think about the 90's even more. I know we're coming to an end to this decade, but it seems like it only just begun. I keep thinking about how old I am and how lucky I am to have lived during some of the best times ever! And can't wait to experience what the future holds. But I have no interest in reminiscing about the end of this decade, I'd rather remember the 90's!! The fashion, the people,the music, and not to mention my fave t.v. show, "My So Called Life". I was a teen/pre-teen in angst trying to find herself and her true calling.

I am who I am today because of this decade.