Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ashley Olsen

"Mary-Kate and I don't think about fashion as these clean, beautiful objects. We just kind of wear it and live in it" Ashley Olsen for Marie Claire.


  1. i love that pic of her. she looks gorgeous

  2. Oh my gosh! are you as excited for the september issue of marie claire??!! she's going to be on the cover. eee i love ashley some people forget about her with MKO their but i love them i just checked in to my old blog BEACH1129 and saw that you were kind enough to follow, just wanted to tell you that i moved to a new one here: so whenever you feel like it, stop by!

  3. haha niice, have you gotten the influence book yet? i want in new york for the next few years, barcelona, london (READ where i WANT to go, we'll see how much money i NEED in reality haha)