Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chic Pop-Up

White House/ Black Market's Construction, Planning and Visual team only had six working days to transform the old Aerosoles flagship store in Soho to a chic pop-up location for their company. The results are breath taking!! I love the design and visuals used in this Soho pop-up. Of course the colors used are black and white but, it really pops out at you with the usage of prints; floral and stripes, and the lush lilac carpet used in the fitting rooms.

They created a luxurious place that you would want to live in!!! The pop-up posses so much inspiration and beauty. White House/ Black Market's Pop-Up store in Soho is definitely worth checking out the next time you visit Gotham City. For more views check here



  1. wow - 6 days! omg!

    of course it would be b&w, but i like the floral prints. great post, girly! :)

    i would post more but my computers don't work properly anymore :( and i'm becoming ill...

    hope you're well at the least. x.

  2. I'd like to move in there for a night or two...
    btw maybe I will buy those leggings - you rea a bad - um I mean great! influence - love that!!