Saturday, January 9, 2010

Under Her Spell

I passed up this editorial a couple of times before I decided to post it. Every time I look at this spread it makes me think of the art I have crammed in my brain that has yet been put to canvas. I know I didn't post my New Year's resolutions; or as i like to refer to them, my goals, but one of them was to express myself more. And i don't mean through fashion, but through artwork, crafts, writing etc. There are so many different ideas that I have stored in my head and I never bring them to reality.

This editorial from Vogue UK's February issue featuring Natalia Vodianova shines light on her charity, Naked Heart Foundation. The editorial,titled Under Her Spell, features pieces specially made by Valentino, Prada, and Chanel that will be auctioned off this April with proceeds going to the foundation. Natalia was photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Lucinda Chambers. The pieces featured evoke the story of a dark fairytale.



  1. Amazing, right??
    Love your new profile picture!! X

  2. they just brought tears to my eyes they are so amazing! I love that last photo and outfit!

    If that is how your brain feels than you are amazing! Good time to start letting it out dude!!! :)

  3. I keep staring at it too. Mesmerizing!