Thursday, January 7, 2010

Natasha's Barbie

V Magazine pays homage to the Queen of Grunge Courtney Love and the release of her new album which is due later this month. Natasha Poly channels the grunge goddess in the latest issue of the magazine. The editorial features headpieces made out of toys and beautiful bustiers. All styles featured are definitely worthy of being seen on Ms. Love..

Issue: V #63
Model: Natasha Poly
Photographer:Glen Luchford
Stylist: Panos Yiapanis


  1. I love it! I like how she looks so disgruntled in her beautiful outfits!

  2. PS I will be doing a special office supply post for you and Isquisofrenia .... I love that you guys are so excited about office supplys! :) SO RAD!!!

  3. i adore natasha poly (as a model).
    the headpieces with the doll legs is magnificent and wonderfully unique!
    any idea who the stylist is? x.

  4. OMG I LOVE these pics! I must run out and get V right now (I sound like an addict here!) Saw your blog mentioned by thatsorad and glad I stopped by - your blog is awesome! Following you now.

    If you have time please stop by and check mine out - I am a magazine junkie too (-:

  5. especially the flowery wrap.... fab!